Alcohol Injection therapy is a nonsurgical method of decreasing nerve conduction velocities. In other words a way to decrease nerve impulses (PAIN) which in turn helps to decrease or totally alleviate a patients symptoms and pain. This technique is used mainly for the treatment of painful neuromas without the need for surgery. Alcohol sclerosing therapy has a high rate of success, at nearly 90%, and is covered by insurance. This technique can also be used for chronic Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). Baxter's nerve neuritis is a common painful component of heel pain. The pain is caused by compression and irritation to the nerve in the patients heel. Often without Alcohol Sclerosing injections the Baxter's Nerve needs to be surgically released for the patient to be relieved of their painful symptoms. Alcohol sclerosing injection works by helping to calm the nerve so it no longer hurts, decreasing the need of surgery.


The injection consists of a long-acting anesthetic and 4 percent denatured alcohol. Multiple studies have shown the injections should be performed less than two weeks apart from each other, and the average treatment is about seven injections. Often times patients will state they feel significant relief from their long-term pain after just a few injections. Fortunately because of this very effective treatment, patients often times no longer need to undergo surgical procedures which run a significant risk of scarring, infection and pain. The best news of all is the alcohol injection has no effect on the surrounding tissues thereby eliminating the possibility of other deformities. Often times patients suffering with neuromas are predisposed to hammer toe deformities. Unfortunately steroids injections for the treatment of painful neuromas will increase a patient's susceptibility to hammertoe deformities. With Alcohol injection therapy this is never the case. Because of the safety involved in alcohol injection therapy and its high rate of success, this is an excellent, and safe treatment option for patients who do not want to go to surgery for the correction of painful neuromas or chronic heel pain.©™


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